Motocross Engine Services

Engine Services

Two Stroke Crankshaft Rebuild (True and balance crankshaft)$125.00
Four Stroke Crankshaft Rebuild (True and balance crankshaft)$165.00
Replating Two stroke cylinders$229.00
Replating Four Stroke cylinders$269.00
DLC Cylinder coating$526.95
Cylinder boringCall for pricing
Short carb modification(KX 85/100)$249.95
Four Stroke Porting and Flow Cylinder Head$550.00
Split cases and assemble Two stroke$375.00
Split Cases – Four-stroke Engine$525.00
 Valve Seat Reface: CNC NEWEN Diamond cut, PR2 Race Geometry for best sealing, minimal wear and leak down $259.00
 Valve seat upgrade: Remove and install Racing alloy seats. Call for pricing
Two stroke carb boring$124.95
Porting modifications on two stroke cylindersStarting at $300.00 
 Four-Stroke Shim cylinder head, install correct shim for proper valve clearance. $65.00
 PR2 Diamond Cut – Re-Surface four stroke cylinder Head $75.00
 Revise Two- Stroke Cylinder Head, Chamber and Squish using CNC lathe $105.00

Ignition and ECU’s

  • GET
  • PR2 2nd Injector Kits
  • Vortex
  • Full programming and tuning ability
  • Programmed OEM ECU’s-Limited models
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